Planning your kitchen remodel or new construction? Looking for the right cabinet styles and colors to compliment your kitchen? Not sure which hardwood looks best in your home? Check out our custom cabinet solutions and FAQs to help you find inspiration for your custom kitchen cabinets. Reach out to our team with design questions at (507) 410-1200.

Cabinet cost depends on many factors including style, quantity, wood type and finish. However, we are a complete package deal
from design to deliver and install complete – including finish, applied hardware, and all trims (crown moulding and base shoe) – all that is left is the countertop and plumbing. Remember that not all of this is included with a “box” cabinet, and you must consider all of the costs when comparing. In addition, please reference our reviews – you will get every “penny” worth from Custom Hardwoods, including
exceptional customer service.
Give us a call to set-up an appointment in our showroom where we will start to put your “dream” kitchen in motion. We listen to all of your “wants and needs” and combine them with our expertise in kitchen cabinets to create a kitchen just for you. Please remember that this is the most expensive room in your home – do you want a “box” cabinet store to take care of that or a professional?
Lead time varies, so you must contact us before demolition begins. With new construction, we need to be contacted as soon as a final drawing is completed and before construction begins.
Yes!! – up until we “turn the saws on” for your project.

We sell Cambria, an excellent high-quality maintenance-free countertop with a warranty – sinks and faucets will be the customers responsibility as there are many options and are definitely a customer preference. We do, however, give advice regarding sink sizes and types – and always build the cabinets to fit your choice.

A wide range of styles and finishes is available, and it is always a customer choice. We include a pull allowance in our cost, which includes putting them on the cabinets, too, avoiding mishaps that can occur putting them on yourself.
We will certainly recommend to you how to maintain them and, if done properly, our finishes can last a lifetime.
Lifetime warranty on workmanship.